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— world of our Oceans

Since the earliest days of the company in 2008, founders Bertrand Thollas, Anthony Courtois, and later Antoine Gedouin who joined the team in 2011, have always been of one mind: the rich diversity of marine life holds a wealth of wonders.

Everywhere we look ,there are microorganisms thriving in a vast variety of uniquely different marine environments – and the Breton coastal waters are no exception.

At Polymaris we select only those microorganisms that are perfectly suited for cultivating on an industrial scale.



— biomolecules

Polymaris has been investigating marine microorganisms since 2008. We have succeeded in discovering new biomolecules, analysing them and identifying their characteristics. We then select those with the most innovative applications for industry.

By perfecting and developing the optimum conditions in which to work on these specially selected molecules, the delicate balance of the microscopic ecosystem is left entirely intact.

Polymaris has the expertise to ensure all the practical aspects of scaling up the production of these innovative biomolecules for your industrial applications.



— of blue biotechnology

Our oceans are home to the limitless world of blue biotech, the foundation of life as we know it, formed over 3.8 million years ago.

Polymaris has been able to harness the infinite diversity of blue biotechnology to cultivate microorganisms capable of producing our specially selected molecules.


— the valuable resources

in our oceans

97% of life on our planet is found in our oceans, over 90% is invisible to the naked eye and only 1% of microscopic marine life has been identified.

These rich marine environments yield the microorganisms which produce biomolecules with exceptional properties, unmatched by anything found on land.

Our library

of microorganisms

— Private and unique

Over 1,000 microorganisms have been collected and are now stored at ultra-low temperatures at Polymaris.

Our specially selected molecules are taken from the strains that are preserved in this living library.

These strains are not genetically modified in any way and have emerged through the process of natural selection present in our oceans’ ecosystems for billions of years.



— molecules for use
in industry

Our multidisciplinary teams at Polymaris are able to select the exact strains to provide custom-made biomolecules.

In a global market, constantly seeking innovative solutions, our unique biomolecules provide added value.

We can meet your outsourcing needs and assist you with developing innovative R & D and manufacturing projects in order to cut your time to market.

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Scaling Up

Our team is able to define all the steps and equipment necessary for production on an industrial scale.

Polymaris specifies all the variables before designing the manufacturing process.

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Polymaris has perfected a unique expertise across a wide range of disciplines. Our well-equipped labs enable our team to run trials and develop procedures that are fully applicable to industrial manufacturing.

Our fermentation techniques provide the ideal conditions for cultivating microorganisms and for producing natural biomolecules. The result is an outstanding product that meets exceptional Quality Standards, thanks to our in depth knowledge of the parameters required for the cultivation process. At Polymaris we are equipped with bioreactors of varying capacity corresponding to each phase of the production process: from the initial lab stage, through trials to large-scale production.

Every single product and every single application is unique, and so they each require a specific purification process. Polymaris provides not only expertise but also specialised equipment to ensure all possible levels of purification: filtration, microfiltration, ultrafiltration…
Our aim: to design the ideal procedure to meet all your requirements.

We offer the most suitable means of preserving your biomolecules, either by precipitation or by using our drying tower to obtain a concentrated, dried form that requires no preservatives.

We identify the characteristics of all new biomolecules discovered in our laboratories. We provide the knowhow and the specialist equipment to analyse them to ensure the highest Quality Standards. Thanks to our working relationshiip with partner companies, we can also carry out further analysis using cutting edge analytical tools.

Molécules Polymaris

— Polymaris:

Our molecules

We develop and produce naturally occurring biopolymers which are biobased and entirely biodegradable. Due to their complexity and uniqueness, it is impossible to reproduce these molecules synthetically.

Exopolysaccharides (EPS)

We have been manufacturing EPS for over 10 years. These building blocks of life are secreted in the form of biopolymers by microorganisms to protect them in adverse conditions. They function in different ways: as a natural glue or protective biofilm, to retain moisture or nutrients or to pass information between cells.

Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA)

These totally biodegradable biobased materials provide solutions for a number of technical and environmental issues. They are entirely broken down and absorbed into the natural environment with no impact whatsoever on the ecosystem. We have developed techniques that allow us to synthesize custom-made bioplastics that meet highly specific requirements.

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